There’s a common school of thought in the music industry: quality or affordability – pick one. It’s understandable why so many artists think this is the case – with most companies, you have to choose either top-notch quality or a price that's a better fit for today's tighter budgets. At Elysian Masters, we don’t believe the two should be mutually exclusive; we take pride in offering quality and affordability – the perfect solution for independent artists who are looking for sound engineering worthy of the creative effort they’ve put into their music. Whether you’re looking for mixing, mastering, or both, Elysian Masters has the experience to help you put the finishing touches on your work.


Obviously, your creative efforts are what make your music your own, but a key step in creating professional quality music is mastering. Professional CD mastering gives your album a cohesive feel, bringing the music forward to the listener. If you had to scale back on mixing because of budget constraints, mastering can help smooth out rough spots, giving your music a more polished feel. During the mastering process, we will pick from the following techniques where appropriate:

  • Edit minor flaws.
  • Apply noise reduction to eliminate hum, hiss, or vinyl noise.
  • Adjust stereo width.
  • Equalize the audio.
  • Adjust perceived volumes.
  • Apply dynamic expansion.
  • Apply dynamic compression.
  • Add tape saturation or emulation

After the more creative aspects of the mastering are complete in a track, we will then:

  • Peak limit the tracks.
  • Dither the tracks and get them ready for the CD format.
  • Add ISRC coding to the CD

If you’re looking for a record or publishing deal, these steps can improve your chances of standing out and getting noticed. If you’re an established artist, you already know that this is one of the most important steps in making a finished record. Mastering gives your album that final polish, nudging all the pieces into place so that everything fits together perfectly.


Why choose Elysian Masters? We believe our reputation speaks for itself. At Elysian, you’ll have access to two seasoned vets of the music industry – we’ve produced material from artists like Silversun Pickups, Micky Avalon, Rolling Blackouts, and Darker My Love. On the mixing end, we’re proud to have worked with artists like These New Puritans, Madlib, J-Dilla, Dam-Funk, Guilty Simpson, and Matthew Dear. These artists are renowned for their integrity of vision and their passion for music. Also, take advantage of benefits like our tuned rooms with audiophile-grade monitoring, custom-designed electronics, analog and digital processors, and our thorough understanding of boutique genres of music, including:

  • Folk
  • Hip hop
  • Psychedelic (Psyche)
  • Glitch
  • Electro
  • Techno
  • Library music
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • R n B
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Brazilian
  • Rock
  • Punk
  • Blues
  • World music

We have done mastering for many independent labels, like Stones Throw, Now Again, Warp, Dangerbird, Sub-Pop, Bomp, Light in the Attic, and Waxploitation.


We can provide:

  • Analog CD mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Audiophile Vinyl Transfers
  • Analog Master Transfers
  • DDP delivery of CD masters
  • Full Error Checking via Plextools Error Check
  • Multimedia Services
  • Web-Based Approvals

At Elysian Masters, you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability when the time comes to mix or master your CD. You’ll enjoy the same quality and analog / digital technology at our mastering studios that others have paid far more for. Most importantly, we're truly passionate about what we do: we want to help you deliver your album as an all-time classic.